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The Google Cloud platform brings together a rich mix of powerful services for organizations. It’s one of the most comprehensive and flexible cloud solutions currently available. In this article, we’ll look at five of the most popular and useful Google Cloud services. Discover them below.

1. Google Cloud Services – App Engine

google-cloud-services-app-engineApp Engine is a Platform as a Service (Paas) that provides the computing resources you need to build an app. The App Engine gives your IT team the option to choose between different runtimes, including ready-made ones and custom ones. This means your team can use virtually any coding language.

This platform offers solid support for Java, Ruby, Python, .NET, and other programing languages. Another advantage of choosing to build your app on the App Engine is that Google manages app hosting and scaling for you, including system software security updates.

As more people adopt your app and resource requirements and traffic increase, Google scales the system to ensure everything runs smoothly. Other benefits include a Web Security Scanner and easy integration with Google Cloud storage database solutions.

2. Google Cloud Services – Compute Engine

google-cloud-services-compute-engineCompute Engine is Google’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution for setting up virtual machines. Compute Engine is an unmanaged solution meaning that your team has to set up and then manage virtual machines.

While this requires more work compared to a managed solution, it also gives you more freedom and complete control over every configuration. With this service, you can create Virtual Machine instances that provide computing resources instead of setting up hardware on-premise.

Whether you need additional computing resources for a specific project or on an ongoing basis, Compute Engine is a powerful cloud computing solution.

3. Google Cloud Services – Cloud Storage

google-cloud-services-cloud-storageCloud Storage is a large-capacity data storage service with a pricing model that reflects data availability. If you need to store a lot of data that you don’t access very often, such as compliance archives, Cloud Storage can be one of the most effective and reliable solutions of its kind.

With its multiple plans and unlimited data storage capacity, Cloud Storage is a versatile solution that you can adapt to your organization’s storage needs without worrying about the technical side of storing big data.

4. Google Cloud Services – BigQuery

google-cloud-services-bigqueryBigQuery is a data analysis service that can handle large sets of data. It enables you to load data from multiple sources, create custom schemas for organizing your data, load and export data easily, and manage and set access to data.

BigQuery is fast and can handle massive data sets, making it a valuable service to have if you need to analyze large data chunks to gain valuable insights.

An enterprise-grade data warehouse, BigQuery empowers your team to do data analysis without the costs and the hassle that comes with setting up the hardware necessary to do this on-premise.

5. Google Cloud Services – AI Platform

google-cloud-services-ai-platformThe AI Platform in the Google Cloud lets you take advantage of the capabilities of the TensorFlow technology to train machine learning models and make data predictions. It complements the other machine learning services in the Google Cloud like Cloud Vision, Speech-to-Text, or Cloud Translation.

The AI Platform hosts TensorFlow training applications and trained models in the cloud so you can use them as needed. AI Platform and Google’s other machine learning services make it a lot easier to embrace these technologies without the massive investments that on-site deployment would call for.

Final Thoughts

Google Cloud offers a lot of useful services for organizations of all sizes. It’s a good idea to explore all the services available—that way you may find other services that could help your organization grow and develop, optimize computing costs, tap into new technologies, and improve data management. In the end, the best Google Cloud services for you depend on your specific needs.

Edward Kuhn

Edward Kuhn is a software architect who leads technical teams across a diverse range of projects using various platforms for Insurance, Medical and Manufacturing Industries.

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