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Cloud Computing Impact

Cloud Computing Impact on the Internet?

As per research, more than 69% of all Internet users across the globe store data online, i.e., use Cloud data storage. Valued at $260 billion in 2019, the Cloud is expected to cross the $1 trillion by 2028.

The Cloud has already changed the internet and how we network. From Alexa to hosting a website to virtual engines – the internet is expanding faster and opening new possibilities for a whole new generation of network-based deliverables, all courtesy Cloud computing services.

Cloud Computing Impact on an Individual

cloud-computing-impact-internetThere are 1 billion Google Drive users in the world, and while there are multiple users, the sheer amount of data Google stores on the Drive and what Microsoft stores via OneDrive is phenomenal.

For the individual, chances are, s/he either directly or indirectly uses some form of the Cloud on any given data.
A simple example can help understand how the Cloud has changed how the internet can be perceived.
Consider the idea of file sharing in the 2000s.

Technology at its available best was limited commonly to Bluetooth, or later, via Xender. Note that data accessibility was limited to the host device.

Now, we can share, access and manage data across multiple devices with a single cloud storage system provided that it is technologically accessible via the devices in concern. And this is just the introduction.

Cloud Computing & IoT

cloud-computing-impact-globalConsider Alexa and how it can perform multiple tasks relying on voice commands. The device itself does not have the computing power. But the Cloud-based engine powering Alexa’s response and deliverables does.

IoT is another aspect of the modern future where the Cloud plays the pivotal back-end computing role. As long as a device can respond to commands prompted by the mother device, services will be automated – which is exactly the motto of IoT.

Today, an individual typically owns a unique cloud of data based on which IoT services are delivered.
Cloud computing is transforming the internet into an OS with the capability to act as a platform and as a resource to compute data.

Cloud Computing Impact on the Online Marketplace

Ironically, the basis of the Cloud, i.e. IaaS, was first conceptualized and implemented in-house back in the 2000s when a certain needed to expand its E-commerce prospects online.

While hosting seller profiles and product catalogs, it was observed that the Ecommerce engine or back-end itself can work as a form of virtual software to compute and relay data inputs. All that was needed was a place to store the data and server virtualization comprehensively resolved it.

The internet has become the final marketplace and the Cloud is providing the space and the framework for it.

Cloud Computing Impact on the Future

For this, one only has to consider the range of offerings labeled under AWS, GCP and Azure. Host a website, manage it, develop an app or even a game, create a database, analyze Big Data, etc. – a lot can be done simply on the Cloud and a stable high-speed data connection.

Cloud computing is here and it is not a phenomenon. Its impact is already visible and irrevocable. The internet is all set to become the universal OS for computing, based completely on the Cloud.

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