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Solid 6 Benefits of Cloud Computing

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing

Computer hardware is continually evolving from physical hardware equipment for storage. Nearly all our data will be stored on the cloud in the future. The advent of cloud computing has revolutionized computer processes, making it readily available from anywhere and anytime.

Cloud computing provides users with a host of services in a virtual data environment, beginning with storage space, virtual data centers, software applications, readily available on-the-go.  The benefits of cloud computing are ample and this article attempts to illustrate the many advantages of switching over to cloud services.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

1. Cost-Effective

  • Cloud computing can successfully replace physical data storage and hosting services which an organization will need to maintain its online presence and outreach. Businesses adopting cloud-based IT infrastructure do not need to maintain data centers or cloud hosting services.
  • Small businesses have limited data storage requirements and need just as minimal server or hosting. Going cloud can help them limit hardware from their operations and save costs from their initial stage of operations.

2. Portability

  • The cloud allows you to access your stored data and run your software without any logistical boundaries.
  • Easy accessibility to stored data and software increases operational efficiency and promotes seamless scalability.

3. Tranquil Sharing

  • Private networks in companies allow the storage and transfer of data very easily. Virtual data centers allow ready accessibility.

4. Easy Recovery, Accessibility, and Management

  • The horror of losing pen drives and physical storage devices are now replaced with the security of cloud storage backup of data.

5. Hassle-Free Software Updating

  • For example, your Gmail application hasn’t been manually updated for a while. It doesn’t mean that you will stop receiving mails and other services provided by Gmail. Applications on the Cloud automatic updating methods, routinely taking place in the background, saving you time and effort of manually doing it.

6. Competitive edge and high speed

  • On-demand availability of computer systems, hardware, and a host of other services, creating a virtual machine running. Aided by intuitive AI, businesses have witnessed spectacular efficiency of their everyday processes.
  • Artificial Intelligence gives users regular insights into their business, such as providing data on consumer response, inventory details, supply chain, etc.

benefits-of-cloud-computing-securityCloud Computing and Security

Data security, especially consumer data, if leaked can be disastrous. Since data is stored in remote servers and virtual data centers provided by the cloud service provider, hence security is optimal.

The Cloud is constantly upgrading to a larger spectrum of services while enhancing security to negate malpractices simultaneously. Internal firewalls, detection of intrusion, event logging, encryption, and a host of other policies, and technologies are in place to dissuade third-parties from wrongfully aiming to access such data.

Cloud computing is an out-sourced solution for a gamut of computer services. It is fast becoming the single norm of computing for the future available today.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Summary

  • Cost-Effective
  • Portability
  • Tranquil Sharing
  • Easy Recovery, Accessibility and Management
  • Hassle-Free Software Updating
  • Competitive edge and high speed

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