Top Cloud Certification Programs 2021

Looking to enroll in one of the many cloud certification programs? You’ll find plenty of certifications for all expertise levels. But some are more valuable than others and look better on your CV. Discover now, the top cloud certification programs for this year. These can help you on your journey to becoming a cloud computing expert and proving your expertise to potential employers and partners.

Cloud Certification Programs

AWS Associate Certified Solutions Architect

cloud-certification-programs-awsDo you have at least one year of experience designing cloud systems on the Amazon AWS platform? Then this valuable cloud certification program is a great way to prove your expertise.

Equipped with this certification, you can showcase your application architecture knowledge on the AWS platform as well as prove your understanding of architectural design in the cloud and your ability to create the right solutions based on customer requirements.

Amazon AWS is currently the largest cloud platform for organizations, so this certification program is a very good addition to your CV.

Learn more about the AWS Associate Certified Solutions Architect certification.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

This popular cloud computing certification tests your knowledge of designing, planning, managing, and optimizing a cloud solution with security and compliance in mind.

With this certification, you’ll also be able to manage cloud implementations on Google Cloud and ensure that these will operate reliably while using available resources effectively. The exam takes 3 hours.

Learn more about the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification.

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert

If you want to build cloud solutions according to specific business requirements on the Microsoft Azure platform, this certification can help you validate your experience and expertise.

From designing data platform solutions and managing cloud infrastructure and apps to security and compliance best practices, this certification covers a lot of ground.

Learn more about the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.

Certified Cloud Security Professional

cloud-certification-programs-google-cloudIf you’re looking for a platform-independent cloud certification program, this could be just the right one for you.
Provided by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, this certification covers all the essentials of cloud architecture design and management according to the organization’s best practices. It’s a useful certification for cloud architects, engineers, and security consultants.

Learn more about the CCSP Cloud Security Certification.

Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

Another well-known cloud certification from Google, this one is aimed at data engineers who already have a few years of experience under their belt. This program focuses on designing, building, operating, and securing data processing systems within the Google Cloud.

Considering how important such systems have become for companies around the world, this is one of the most valuable cloud certifications you can get right now.

Learn more about the Google Certified Professional Data Engineer certification.

AWS Associate Certified Developer

Developing, deploying, and testing cloud apps on Amazon AWS requires knowledge of programming languages, cloud architecture best practices, and management abilities.

This certification program for developers covers all this ground including essential knowledge about some of the essential services in the Amazon cloud. You’ll need to have at least one year of experience developing apps in the Amazon Cloud to take the exam.

Learn more about the Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification to decide whether it’s right for you.

Microsoft Certified – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

cloud-certification-programs-microsoftMicrosoft Azure is a big name in the cloud world, with organizations around the world embracing its powerful and flexible cloud services and products.

If you’re familiar with the fundamentals of the Microsoft Azure cloud including compliance and security, you may want to consider adding this certification to your CV. It’s one of the more accessible top cloud certifications. Plus, you don’t have to retake the exam in the future as it doesn’t expire.

Learn more about the Microsoft Certified – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

Final Thoughts on Cloud Certification Programs

The right cloud certification program for you ultimately depends on your experience, cloud platform of choice, and role. Specializing on a platform can be an advantage, but don’t forget that today organizations may use multiple cloud platforms for different needs. So don’t hesitate to pursue multiple certifications.

Summary of Cloud Certification Programs

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